Fox Lee

Design ◦ Illustration ◦ Multimedia


Personal/Small Business Websites

Fox prides herself on accessible, functional, modern websites utilising CSS and comforming to XHTML standards. Standards compliance means your website is accessible to more browsers and more customers.

Fox can create a basic website (static or only rarely updated), with features like an image gallery or product listing, starting at $300. More complex, user-updateable projects like an online store or custom Wordpress blog, begin at $2,000.

Event/Exhibition Invites

Invitations are an essential part of publicising your exhibition, but can be a real financial concern for emerging artists. Let Fox create a beautiful invite for you in any shape or size, for as little as $50.

Flyers & Posters

Publicise your events with posters and flyers of any size and shape. Whether it's simple and elegant or loud and flashy, Fox can create the design you need starting at $50.


Turn your business name or website title into a memorable brand, not just a name. Fox can create the design you need for as little as $50.

Business Cards

Business cards are essential for self-promotion, especially for small local businesses - but don't expect much attention if you're using a generic template. Fox can design your own unique card for as little as $50.

Stationary/Wedding Supplies

Elegant invitations and stationary are essential for weddings and other formal events, but notoriously overpriced. Fox can create single items or attractive sets for any occasion, starting at $50 for singles invitations or $200 for sets up to six pieces.

Character/Mascot Design

For promoting your business or just for personal amusement. Fox's greatest p


Only interested in the basics? Fox's anime- and manga- style illustrations begin at $25 for black-and-white works, or $75 for colour.

Console/Phone/Tablet Skins

Ever considered a protective "skin" for your gaming console, notebook, phone or tablet? Have Fox design you a custom skin from just $50 per panel, for the ultimate signature style - or a slick corporate brand.


Need something that hasn't been mentioned here? Fox is always willing to try something new. Just contact her with information about the job, and she'll get back to you as soon as possible.